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Turbospoke - The Bicycle Exhaust Sound System

Are you excited? You should be, you’ve just found the coolest bicycle accessory on the planet!

Turbospoke will transform your bicycle to look and sound like a real motorbike. Pretty soon you’ll be riding to your own awesome engine sounds. You won’t believe how cool it is and how great it sounds.

Your friends are guaranteed to want one!!

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Turbospoke 2015 TS002 € 19.99 EUR

What do I get?
box box contents

When your Turbospoke arrives you’ll find it packed with all of this: The Cool Silver Exhaust Pipe, Realistic Exhaust Tip, 3 Motocards, Black Universal Frame Clamp, 15 Custom Stickers and The Complete Tool Kit including Colour Instructions. All of this comes in a great carry case box so you can bring your Turbospoke with you anywhere.

Will it fit my bicycle?

Turbospoke is designed to fit 99% of bicycles. Turbospoke attaches to the lower rear chainstay of your bicycle. The chainstay must be between 12 and 27 millimetres in diameter (1/2 inch to 1 inch). It doesn’t matter if the chainstay is round, oval or even square as long as the widest point is no more than 27mm Turbospoke will fit. If you’re not sure what a chainstay is then click on the image to the left. Approximately ages 6+, and bicycles wheels of 16" of greater.

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